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Our Story 

I’m Tianna Westendorf, founder and lead trainer at T&T Canine Connections. I live in southeast South Dakota with my husband, two boys, and two dogs - Nyla and Tessa.


I discovered my love for canines and training growing up hunting waterfowl and upland birds. I have always loved watching dogs mark down on crippled birds and quarter a big group in the field.


FR Labs in Britton, SD is where I learned the importance of obedience and retreiver training. While adequately working towards Hunting Retriever Champion and Master Hunter titles we knew that with a solid obedient foundation our dogs are allowed to do what they love confidently and safely.  With years of hands-on experience I learned that obedience is essential to keeping dogs safe and happy.


At T&TCC we follow relationship and positive reinforcement based training techniques. This is customly designed to offer dog owners the proper knowledge and tools needed to create a balanced and gratifying relationship with their canines. We see success by implementing and communicating with dogs using various tools. We make things clear for them, “no” means no and “yes” means yes. We are sure to never leave them in a gray area. It is our passion to help canines and their owners connect happily and safely.

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