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Board & Train 

Give your dog a solid, consistent option of training at our facility with our weekly and monthly board & train courses. 

Choose between our weekly, Monday - Friday, or monthly board & train courses for your choice of 4 or 8 weeks. The difference? Our monthly course offers training EVERY DAY and will allow your dog to be introduced to more distractions and hold commands for longer durations.

What's included:

  • Basic obedience commands

    • ​Sit​ 

    • Stay

    • Down 

    • Place command

  • Leave it

  • Recall: "come" or "here" when called

  • E - collar training / collar conditioning

  • Heel: walking politely on leash 

  • Crate training 

  • Safe socialization

  • Private lessons


  • Impulse control 

  • Greeting manners

  • Treadmill training (if your dog is mature enough) 

  • Field trips

  • Waiting at thresholds 

InvestmentDog training is a two part investment, time and money. Enrollment requires commitment to maintaining the training at home. Don't fret! We will teach you. 

Ready to start? Start the easy enrollment process here!

Why choose T&TCC

Satisfaction Garuntee

We ensure 100% training satisfaction. 

Clean & Safe Environment

We guarantee a clean and sanitized facility. 

Lifetime Training Support

Graduates receive FREE lifetime training support.

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