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Private Lessons

T&T Canine Connections offers 1 hour private lessons to address any obedience and manner-related behaviors. 


Puppy Day School is a program designed specifically for puppies offering introductions to obedience, socialization, and grooming. This ‘semester’ includes daily drop off and pickup with peace of mind knowing that your puppy is training and socializing throughout the day. 


Doggy day school is a great option for owners who are able to drop-off and pick-up their dog every day. This intense ‘semester’ offers daily training with enhanced socialization, enrichment,
and exercise for dogs 12 weeks and older.


Board & trains are the most popular training programs at T&TCC. Our trainer works directly with you to establish goals and create a curriculum catered to meet your dog's specific needs. These programs are our most intense ‘semesters’ and range from your choice of basic and off-leash obedience.


Retriever & Gun Dog Training

This program is tailored for those who love the outdoors. We will train your dog in all the essential skills required to be an adept hunting dog, skills that they will retain for life! This program can also be tailored to specific upland or waterfowl hunting as well as specifically running hunt tests. 

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